Rap nerds: Stop what you’re doing and go play with this massive interactive lyrics analysis

In 2014, the pop-culture data analysis website The Pudding released an analysis of rappers’ vocabularies that still gets trotted out occasionally. (It’s the one that ranked Aesop Rock Most Verbose Rapper Ever.) They recently released what they pitch as an explicit sequel to that work called “The Language Of Hip Hop,”

Wu-Tang declared “Triumph” with one of the strangest and best videos ever made

Time has been kind to Wu-Tang Forever. The 1997 double album is sprawling and messy, the Wu’s nine-headed gauntlet of Staten Island talent holding together largely thanks to its shared fiscal interest in advancing the Wu-Tang brand. In hindsight, it’s the capstone of the collective’s golden age, and, in some ways, of…


From anti-releases to 1-inch records: 13 albums you have to work too hard to hear

Obsessive music fans are a strange ilk. Not only will they fill their homes with every deluxe reissue of a record, but they’ll take on some barely functional curiosities, too. Here’s a look at the releases that stretch the definition of “album,” often requiring so much effort that it begs the question if it’s worth…