Buffering The Vampire Slayer fawns over Cordelia, Drusilla, and the whole Scooby gang

Just in time for Buffy Week, the latest episode of Buffering The Vampire Slayer examines a turning point in the show where the Scoobies realize that what is right and what is wrong is rarely a black-and-white distinction. But before that, there’s much fun to be had with hosts Jenny Owen Youngs and Kristin Russo’s…

Podmass’ 2015 superlatives, including awards for Obama and Charles Manson

Last year, podcasting saw a welcome increase in popularity, with notable newcomers both in podcasts and podcasting networks. This year, the hot streak continues, as our president took to Marc Maron’s garage for one of his most candid interviews, proving once and for all the worth of this medium—one that remains