Let's say you're perusing the DVD section of your local Target, scanning the shelves for something that isn't The Complete Friends box set, or Good Luck Chuck: Unrated, when a DVD case of retina-singeing yellow catches your eye. You pick it up: "Bee Movie" it screams at you in giant bubble letters.

"Oh, that kids' movie about the litigious bee," you think. Since you don't have kids, or an avid interest in Dreamworks' portrayal of cartoon insects, you reach to put the DVD back on the shelf when you notice a familiar face (and ego) smugly smiling at you from the top of the DVD case. "A Very Jerry 2-Disc Edition" The words ping around excitedly in your head like a pinball. "Wait. Jerry? As in Jerry Seinfeld? As in Seinfeld Seinfeld? He made Bee Movie?! Holy Shit!" you think as you sprint to the cash registers, DVD in hand.

Truly, no customer can resist the lure of Jerry Seinfeld's inflated self-esteem (mostly because it's a monstrous, all-consuming black hole).

(Via Goldenfiddle)

I just hope that this edition contains all of my fave Bee Movie TV juniors! Oh, and that McDonalds' commercial! And an endless loop of Bee Movie ads! And a special feature about his wife's cookbook! And pureed vegetable plagiarism jokes!

Really, they should make a "Very Jerry" edition of all movies released on DVD. I bet all DVD sales would double. Right, Jer?