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The Canyons

Before channeling her own tabloid troubles and penchant for alcohol-fueled melodrama into Lifetime's Liz And Dick, Lindsay Lohan had originally planned to mount her comeback from her last comeback by starring in the story of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace, with all the attendant, nasty "comeback" puns that implies. That project ultimately fell through, but the spirit remains in The Canyons, which pairs Lohan with porn plower James Deen in a story of sex, sleaze, and subverting iconic film star names as means of exploring "fame" that somehow has nothing to do with James Franco.


Instead it's scripted by Bret Easton Ellis, pausing from his Twitter provocations to return to a more familiar form of shock value, and directed by Paul Schrader, who does this now, with this first online teaser suggesting they're going for an intentionally schlocky, grindhouse vibe to elevate their film from trash to high-art "trash." Of course, here that mostly translates to using the finest grainy, Instagram-like filters afforded by iMovie, and using winking titles like referring to Deen as a "huge" star (because penis!), and the real test will be whether any of those aspirations will be borne out by the performances and dialogue, not a single line of which you'll see in this thing. Then again, like all of Ellis' tweets and Lohan's ever-winding spiral, it got us talking. Considering they still don't have an official release date, they could probably just stop here.

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