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The curse of the Blossom twins: Dial M For Maple chats last night's Riverdale

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Photo: Katie Yu (The CW)

On this week’s Riverdale, there will be blood! Or will there? There will, it turns out, even if Marah needs to remind Cameron that he saw it. And that’s why Dial M For Maple is here: To help you keep track of every drop. It’s an episode full of table-turning and double-crossing, and that’s before the arrival of some long-lost relatives (and the return of a beloved butler)! Will the mayoral campaign tear Varchie apart? Are there more Blossoms out there in the world? Is that really all that Hiram’s planning? We’ve got a lot to discuss!

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For further thoughts on all of the mayhem in Riverdale, check out our colleague LaToya Ferguson’s excellent TV Club reviews.

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