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The CW announces non-partisan voting campaign with famous CW people

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As you are hopefully aware, there’s an election coming up in the U.S. in November that will decide the fate of… oh, all mankind maybe? That may be a little overdramatic, but it’s a big one. If you’re not aware, though, and this news story hasn’t already tipped you off, The CW has announced a new initiative called CW Vote Actually that’s designed to remind TV viewers to vote and guide them toward information on how to register and how to request absentee ballots.


Naturally, because this is The CW, it’s going to accomplish that with a bunch of good-looking people that you might recognize from CW shows, as shown in this preview video promoting the campaign. There’s the Flash! There’s Stargirl! There’s some people from the shows that aren’t about superheroes, all of whom we definitely recognize! Unfortunately, there is one issue with the lineup The CW has chosen for this video: Where’s Beebo? Everybody loves Beebo, the Tickle Me Elmo parody from DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow that was briefly worshipped as a Norse god of war and then became an avatar for the mystical Totems Of Zambesi, and Beebo probably luh-luh-loooves democracy. We’re not saying all of these other people aren’t doing a good job of convincing us to vote, but Beebo would be much harder to ignore. Hopefully he’ll show up in a future ad, as The CW’s Vote Actually campaign is expected to start rolling out across the network, its apps, and its website on September 15.

Now, if it seems silly to base so much of a story about a serious call for young people to vote on a goofy running joke from Legends Of Tomorrow, we should point out that this is explicitly a “nonpartisan initiative” (as explained in a press release), which means it’s just advocating for voting in general and not specifically voting for the guy who isn’t Donald Trump. That’s much sillier than talking about Beebo. Voting in general is good, sure, but we don’t need to pretend that voting for anyone is always better than voting for no one this time around, right? If the Flash reminding you to vote is the push you needed to go out and cast your ballot for Donald Trump, we’d like to recommend… not doing that.