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The entire Back To The Future trilogy condensed into 1.21 minutes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Back To The Future trilogy is a fun sci-fi romp through the past and future, complete with well-known quotes and props. But who has time to watch all three movies? It’s 5.7 hours of cinematic gold, sure, but in today’s high-speed world, people simply can’t devote their schedule to such things. Luckily, YouTube user Burger Fiction has come along to remedy that.

The editor has condensed the entire trilogy into just 1.21 minutes (roughly one minute and 14.6 seconds) by boiling it down to only the essentials. Like “density,” a hoverboard, “Great Scott!” and some other noteworthy moments and exclamations. It’s like a blipvert version of the entire saga, rushing by while filling in all that people need (or at least remember) from the original.