Setting aside the argument that Evil Dead doesn't need a remake—a protest answered only the ghastly, mocking laughter of Hollywood ghouls anyway—Fede Alvarez's splashy update of Sam Raimi's scrappy original certainly makes a strong first impression in this trailer. The 1981 film was billed as "the ultimate experience in grueling terror," and while the franchise has since become associated with the deft balance of horror and black humor, judging from this relentlessly gory, NSFW preview, Evil Dead (Diablo Cody's script punch-ups aside) seems to be going back to those twisted roots. And yes, that's a tree-rape joke—a scene that appears to have been faithfully recreated here (albeit in modern-day saturated green) alongside other Raimi shout-outs, right down to a cameo from his classic Oldsmobile. That Raimi and Bruce Campbell both serve as producers also doesn't hurt, but if that's not enough to quiet preemptively complaining horror fans, there's also a scene of a girl slicing her own wagging tongue in half—which is a pretty effective visual metaphor for shutting the hell up.