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The food truck craze reaches its logical conclusion with Ron Jeremy porn

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Before ABC can even get its sitcom set in the hilariously trendy world of food trucks up and running, this whole “food truck phenomenon” may have already reached its nadir: a Ron Jeremy-starring, literal “food porn” called The Flying Pink Pig. The forthcoming film (“from the award-winning director of Cal Vista’s Alice”!) is due out on Jan. 25 and draws its inspiration from L.A.’s The Flying Pig, a very real food truck that serves up Asian-Mexican fusion and, presumably, loads of anal action.

Jeremy reportedly stars as the villain who’s out to engineer a “hostile takeover” of the food truck, but he encounters resistance from the team of “sex-crazed nymphomaniacs” who pause briefly between orgasms to serve up fun nouveau cuisine from the very same mobile kitchen they just bathed in their bodily fluids. “You’ll never look at sausage the same way again!” director Erica McLean promises, adding, “And the food doesn’t suck, but the girls sure do!” Save some sex puns for the actual movie, director Erica McLean. Anyway, at least Megan Foxx seems to have bounced back from Transformers, right? [via Gawker]