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The Golden Girls-themed cafe is finally open

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last year, we reported on the planned opening of the Rue La Rue Café, a New York-based coffee shop and eatery themed around the beloved ’80s sitcom The Golden Girls, and featuring numerous items from the estate of co-star Rue McClanahan. Now, the cafe—owned and operated by the late actress’ friend, Michael LaRue—is finally ready to open, allowing the world to bask in all its Blanche-and-Dorothy glory.

The cafe is still in its testing period, so it’s probably a little early to book the place for a party (especially one where you invited everyone you knew). Still, New York fans of the classic sitcom, which recently made its way in its entirety to Hulu, can hang out with a bunch of fellow G-Girls fanatics (and McClanahan’s Emmy), and even deal with the aftereffects of the Sofia blend coffee or the Betty White Cake with a trip to a bathroom modeled after the one in Dorothy Zbornak’s Miami home.


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