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The Mindy Project gets six more episodes and Lee Pace

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fox has ordered six more episodes of The Mindy Project, bringing the show’s season order up to 21 total episodes. While Mindy’s live ratings haven’t been exceptionally strong, the show draws big after the fact with women ages 18 to 34, who have collectively DVRed the show hard enough to make it one of their top five live-action comedies.

The Mindy Project can ostensibly use one of those six episodes to build out the story of its latest guest star, Lee Pace. The Pushing Daisies and Guardians Of The Galaxy star and all around cool-seeming dude will appear in an upcoming episode of the show as Alex, a character E! describes as “a handsome San Francisco tech millionaire who took Mindy’s virginity back when he was a dorky college student.”