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The MTV Moonman Is Totes Kewl

We, as a nation, are only two weeks away from the biggest, edgiest, most pushing-of-the-envelope-ist event to involve Timbaland, some hotel & casino in Las Vegas, and endless promos for The Hills: MTV's Video Music Awards! And according to an article in this week's Entertainment Weekly, this year's VMAs are going to be the most explosive ever. Well, either that, this year's VMAs are going to drown in a sea of hyperbole involving references to dynamite:

"Our plan was to put a stick of dynamite in [the VMAs], light the fuse, and blow it up," says MTV president Christina Norman.


Oh, if only they would. But unfortunately MTV's president just means that they're giving the VMAs a "makeover" in an effort to "recapture the zeitgeist" and thereby draw more viewers.

Apparently part of this makeover is giving the MTV Moonman a Twitter account, which isn't so much re-capturing the zeitgeist as it is clubbing the zeitgeist over the head, hog-tying it, and shoving it in a car trunk.

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From the Moonman's Twitter:

The Moonman just got in from space and boy are our arms tired! Savor his silver-plated flavor as he prowls the streets of New York City, sleazing on celebs, snoozing through meetings and Twittering his every move. And keep a close eye out for his super exclusive VMA-related guests as he takes you behind the scenes of the show that made him famous.

Don't even tell us you haven't heard of Twitter. Puh-lease, noob.

Evidently, the Moonman is equal parts Pauly Shore, overworked MTV intern, and borscht belt comedian. The good news is that he can totes relate to youngsters because he likes the same movies they like and he reads blogs. He is even able to believeably replicate their vernacular!

mtvmoonman: Yo, me again. Sitting in my MTV office surfing blogs instead of getting ready for the VMAs. I can't stop watching "Chocolate Rain." Genius!

Tue Aug 14 2007 5:17PM ET

mtvmoonman: Heading to see 'Superbad' with peeps. So stoked to see it.

Tue, Aug 21 2007 10:51 PM ET

I wish I was one of the Moonman's peeps, don't you? I can't wait to read what he thought about the new M.I.A. track he was listening to on his iPhone while grabbing a fourth meal (totally the way young people eat) at Taco Bell!