The Office writers made a hilarious fake website for Pam's Prism DuroSport mp3 player

The Office writers made a hilarious fake website for Pam's Prism DuroSport mp3 player
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If you haven’t been listening, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s Office Ladies podcast has emerged as a reliable source of insight into The Office, that show you keep rewatching as 10 prestige dramas gather dust in your Netflix queue. The pair’s latest episode focuses on season 2's “The Injury,” and, for as much as Michael’s waffle iron looms over that episode, it’s another non-sentient object that dominates their conversation: Pam’s mp3 player, the Prism DuroSport (“chunkier and more solid” than an iPod, raves Dwight).

Well, so amused were the writers with this fictional product, they apparently created a fake WordPress site for it that still exists to this day. “The fake website is called It’s still up. You can still find it,” Kinsey says to Fischer, who, like us, had no clue this existed.

And she’s right. You can visit it here and read about the product’s many features, which include a “72-position toggle controller,” iTunes compatibility via an “iTunes Compatibility Kit,” and a lightweight 5-pound frame that can fit “easily in most backpacks.” The site is shockingly detailed, with pages devoted to earlier iterations of their mp3 player, as well as numerous news items about the company’s Smell Of Books, an “aerosol-based e-book enhancer” that first came under attack by the Authors Guild before getting recalled. And this is to say nothing of its in-depth history, FAQs page, and blog, which was updated quite frequently by Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer.

As if that weren’t enough, the team also posted a review of the Prism DuroSport 6000 on a site called Medialoper. “This shoddily assembled (1/2 star) product is the worst-looking, ugliest-sounding, hardest-to-operate device that any of us can ever remember,” reads the review. “It’s easily the worst high-tech product since Microsoft Bob.”

You’ve gotta respect the commitment to the bit.

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