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The Pink Panther returns as Johnny Depp in the trailer for Mortdecai

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s only one thing that latter-day Johnny Depp loves more than hats or body paint, and that’s adopting a dumb accent. Depp’s favored technique is on full display in the trailer for Mortdecai, starring Depp as an eccentric art dealer with a nose for intrigue and a ridiculous mustache (because how else would he know it’s time to start acting?). The film, based on a series of comic novels, appears to borrow heavily from the Pink Panther school of filmmaking, with Mortdecai on a mission to recover a stolen painting that will lead him to a hidden cache of Nazi gold. You wouldn’t know any of this from the trailer, however, whose basic message is “Lots of famous people are in this movie—and aren’t British accents funny?” None of this can ever hope to match the majesty of Bean, but it might be fun to watch them try.