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The Road To The White House Runs Right Through Dave Letterman

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, David Letterman said he's more comfortable doing his show than he's ever been, and when you look at Letterman's recent guest interviews–an area where he's always excelled–that's very obvious. Jay Leno would never repeatedly ask Paris Hilton about her jail stint, he's too nice. Conan and Kimmel might hint at it, but once she either avoided or dismissed the question, they'd drop it. Not Letterman, though, who hilariously belabored the jail question to the point of extreme, delicious awkwardness.

Letterman, more than any other late night host working right now, seems to have the most freedom to do and say literally whatever pops into his head at any given moment at his desk, which is often very fun to watch. In Rolling Stone, he said The Late Show was more "host-friendly" than ever. "I'm not working as hard as I used to," he explained. "All I have to do, really, is pick out a tie and sit down."

Well, last night, when John McCain didn't show up for his scheduled interview so he could rush into the burning economy and single-handedly hose it down, Letterman called bullshit, over and over again to the point of extreme hilarity–and a live feed of McCain snubbing him for Katie Couric. It was definitely one of Letterman's best tie-picking and sitting down performances.



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