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The Watch

What to do when real-life tragedy intrudes on the need to sell your lighthearted summer comedy, whose title has been stigmatized beyond all immediate repair? Rename it. And so Neighborhood Watch—which is about a group of bullying busybodies hunting aliens in the suburbs, and definitely not about the hot-button, possibly racially motivated killing of a teenager—becomes simply The Watch, an innocuous moniker that could only be confused with timepieces and, in some circles, remind people of a certain colorful Christopher Walken monologue. But hey, as this new trailer also argues, any kind of distracting raunchy comedy can only help create further distance, which is why this preview finds Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, and even R. Lee Ermey engaging in more talk about dicks, cocksucking, and cum in two short minutes than your average porn. That should be your tip-off that this trailer is very NSFW, even though it is now officially safe for our fragile society.

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