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The year's best Godzilla movie is only a few minutes long

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Cressa Beer (YouTube)

If you saw Godzilla: King Of The Monsters at an Alamo Drafthouse, you may have found yourself more entertained by the pre-show bumper than the spectacle itself (it’s an unfortunate mess). In it, a plastic Godzilla trying to stage his own kaiju battle is routinely distracted by a selfie-obsessed lizard; though it served primarily to curb smartphone use, it also showcased some hilarious stop motion and a warm comic sensibility. Now, Cressa Beer, the artist behind the short, has returned with three new entries in her Godzilla saga, each of which served as delightful, endlessly rewatchable bumpers for this past week’s Cinepocalypse Film Festival. Now, you, too, can watch the hilarious, heartwarming adventures of the great beast and his adorable, scaly offspring.

Our favorite, perhaps, was “The Godzilla Kid,” which finds Baby Godzilla hunting their outlaw pops as a Western bounty hunter atop a T-rex. The little one’s well-timed squeaks clash hilariously against the thundering roar of the lizard, who, despite his menacing air, routinely proves himself to be a good dad.

That’s evident in the below short as well, which brims with clever detail, from Godzilla’s tiny reading glasses to Baby Godzilla’s “Tony And The Gypsy” comic, a subtle reference to a bit in Thor: Ragnarok.

Guillermo del Toro inserts Godzilla into Pacific Rim in the (mostly) black-and-white short below, though his breathy direction doesn’t seem to be taking.

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