In yesterday's revolting Bit O'Braff, Zach Braff dangled a tantalizing opportunity in front of his loyal fans: the possibility of winning the honor of being his assistant for the day on an upcoming shoot. (Could be a movie shoot, could be a video shoot. Not even Braff himself knows yet!) Just think, you could be on set, helping Braff turn film into feelings! Today's Bit O'Braff offers a glimpse at what a great prize this would be. Witness Braff in full-on directing mode behind the scenes on a video shoot for one of the songs on The Last Kiss soundtrack. Gird your loins, and click play:

Based on this clip, here are a few duties that Braff's "assistant for the day" should expect to perform: —Straw hat wrangling —Sounding board for self-deprecating "Girls never liked me" stories. —Suggesting new ideas for things that the guitar player can mournfully stand on top of. —Hunting down a few of those rare kind of airstream trailers which, when placed in the desert with their doors swung open just so, will convey both loneliness and how hard it is to grow up and become an adult when you're 30. —Misting Braff with cool water when he gets all sweaty from directing. —Actually directing the video.