Deep learning technology, which lets you convincingly map someone’s face onto the face of any performer in any film, has some troubling consequences to say the least. But, where some see an opportunity for abuse, others see an opportunity for dumb, harmless fun centered around Hollywood’s very own walking meme, Nicolas Cage. Earlier this year, we wrote about the pervasiveness of these Nic Cage “deep fakes, which insert the actor into a number of classic films we can all agree he should have been cast in. Since then, the Cage-centric fakery has continued to pile up thanks to the unfortunately named YouTuber derpfakes. This latest “Mega Mix” may be their best work yet, exhibiting what this technology can do when it mixes a little Nic Cage into its Nic Cage with an extra side of Nic Cage.

While the quality of each clip really depends on how much the original actor looks like Cage already, it’s all pretty great. There’s Nic Cage monologuing as Thanos, Nic Cage delivering an impassioned speech in Independence Day, and Nic Cage facing off with himself in the climactic diner scene in Heat. It’s an actor’s showcase, to say the least. But the real highlight is the meta turn towards the end wherein Nicolas Cage (as Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar) openly weeps while watching his own bonkers performances in Vampire’s Kiss, Wicker Man, and Matchstick Men.


As the video description notes, this is “the first of many Nic Cage Mega Mixes,” so look forward to even more of this unsettling lunacy in the future. We just hope one of these upcoming videos finally features a deep fake of Nicolas Cage mapped on to John Travolta playing against John Travolta mapped on to Nicolas Cage in Face/Off. How has that not happened yet?

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