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Today in "huh?": Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend marched in NYC's Easter Bonnet parade together

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For reasons known only to them, Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi have been hanging out a lot lately. The band and actor marched together in this weekend’s Easter Bonnet Festival parade in New York, and then Buscemi performed part of the band’s new song “Diane Young” for a bunch of cameras on the street—much to the band’s apparent chagrin. Buscemi also shows up on the band’s Instagram feed holding up a copy of the NY Post story about the band’s Saab-burning hijinks and looking “not amused.”

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio claims to be a distant cousin of Buscemi. But since it’s April Fools' Day, anyone who believes that should hear about this preppy bridge in Connecticut that singer Ezra Koenig has for sale.


Completely not coincidentally, Vampire Weekend's latest record, Modern Vampires Of The City, is due out May 14.