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Tonight on the season finale of The A.V. Club show, we gives thanks for the season

Tonight is the final episode of season one of The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti. All season the show has delivered exciting pop culture news, interviews, and segments to TV. You already know this if you have been following the show, but if you haven’t, tonight is your last chance to hop on the A.V. Club show train before it leaves the station. In this episode, A.V. Club staffers gather for a Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate the pop culture we were all grateful for in 2017. Super special guest Mark L. Walberg of Antiques Road Show, one of John’s favorite television hosts, joins us for a special interview. We always say that you don’t want to miss this one, but for real, you don’t want to miss our season finale. The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti airs at 11 p.m. Eastern only on Fusion.


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