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Trailer Trauma assaults viewers with 2 hours of grue, gore, sex, and violence

(If the headline didn’t tip you off, here’s your warning: This trailer is NSFW.)


Exploitation trailer compilations are certainly nothing new: Johnny Legend’s Sleazemania was a VHS favorite throughout the ’80s and Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell seems to be perpetually streaming on Netflix. But there’s always room for one more, and Garagehouse Pictures is currently preparing exploitation fans’ latest trip back to the sleazy glory days of Times Square double features, Trailer Trauma, for release.

Trailer Trauma is the second release from Garagehouse (the first was 1984’s lost film Ninja Busters) and features 137 minutes of sex, violence, monsters, gore, and just a little bit more sex and violence to top it off. It’s composed of advertisements—ones that are more than likely more enjoyable than the actual films—for trash like Black Fist, The Incredible Torture Show, Mutant War, and Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! transfered and remastered in glorious 4K from various 35mm release prints. The trailers are all presented in their original aspect ratios, and the Blu-ray will feature new artwork from Stephan Romano.

Trailer Trauma is set for release this coming Friday, January 8 and is currently available for pre-order from Diabolik.