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Twilight Fan Montage: The Documentary

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all know that just a mere glimpse of Robert Pattinson's, aka Sparkly Dracula's, apple-shaped head can cause an twelve-year-old girl to gleefully shriek so loud she shakes loose an egg from the tiny basket inside of her that then drifts down to her baby incubator, where it waits (in vain) to be fertilized by vampire glitter. (I'm pretty sure that's how ovulation works.) In short, Robert Pattinson can kickstart many a young girl's reproductive system/sex drive. But before this year, Pattinson couldn't watch an unauthorized "documentary" about how totes cute he is and how everyone is totes obsessed with him. Now, however, he can. In fact, we all can. Joy.

OMG! Have you ever been squealing about the hottness of Robert Pattinson, and wished someone else was there to squeal about his hottness with you? Now, with Robsessed, you'll never have to squeal about Robert Pattinson's hottness alone!

First the documentary about the town where the Twilight characters "live," and now a documentary about how the guy in Twilight is really adorable and everyone is obsessed with him? Not everything about Twilight has to be made into a documentary. In fact, nothing about Twilght has to be made into a documentary. YouTube fan montages are all the perfect medium for documenting all things Twilight. Obviously.