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Urgent question: Will Chewie get to fuck that other Wookiee in the Solo trailer?

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We understand that it’s only Monday morning, but we need everyone to stop working right now because there is an urgent matter in need of your attention. In the newest Solo trailer—which gave us a closer look at the plot and blessed us with a bit more Lando—there was a one-second clip in which Chewie can be seen embracing another, possibly female, Wookiee. This raises two important questions we expect to be answered in the upcoming film: Who is that Wookiee? More importantly, what are the odds that Chewie fucks in this movie?

Like a lot of the Star Wars canon, the history of Chewbacca’s sex life is a bit muddled. The last and only time we saw proof that he had done the deed was in the much-maligned Holiday Special, which centered around Chewie celebrating the Wookiee holiday of Life Day with his wife Malla, son Lumpy, and father Itchy. The special itself is pure nightmare fuel and features such inexplicable elements as a musical Bea Arthur cameo and an entire sequence where Itchy all but masturbates to a “fantasy” hologram program. But, it does prove that Chewie has a home life away from the Falcon and fellow Wookies whom he cares about.


So, given there is this record of at least one love in Chewie’s life, many fans assumed the mystery fuzz-ball from the Solo trailer is Malla:

But, as we said before, the canon is a bit muddled. The Holiday Special was long considered part of the secondary canon (meaning the non-contradictory elements were incorporated into the universe), until Disney acquired the franchise and relegated all that stuff to Star Wars Legends, which is decidedly non-canon. Screenwriters Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan may have incorporated Malla into Solo as a way to bring Chewie’s horniness back into the fold, or they may have completely ignored her. Even more enticing is the idea that Malla remains canon and this new Wookie love interest enters the picture, suggesting multiple families and loves within Chewbacca’s vast, complicated heart.

The only thing that’s certain is that this tender moment between two Wookiees is possibly the most intriguing thing we’ve seen from Solo so far. That, and anything Lando does.

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