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Vince Staples cancels "fuck off" campaign, will donate money to the Michelle Obama Library

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images for FYF)

Earlier this month, Vince Staples fired an orbital laser of passive-aggressive snark with a GoFundMe page for people who haven’t liked his recent shows, saying he’d “shut the fuck up forever” if he could raise $2 million in donations. Or, as he put it: “Get off of my dick, or fund my lifestyle; the choice is yours.” It was brilliant, but unfortunately it was also just a bit of clever marketing for Staples’ new single, “Get The Fuck Off My Dick.”


The “fuck off” page had managed to raise $2,022, which is both good and a little bit bad, but Staples has now canceled the GoFundMe campaign after exposing his clever gag. According to Pitchfork, he says he’ll be refunding everyone their money—because unlike Kickstarter, GoFundMe takes your money even if the goal isn’t met—and he’ll also be matching all of the “fuck off” donations and giving the money to the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach.


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