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Watch a guy who looks a lot like Joel Osteen crash a Joel Osteen event, evade authorities

They don’t come more full of shit than Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, who found fame by virtue of his plasticine looks, folksy charm, and knack for preaching sermons that filter Jesus Christ through relentless capitalistic avarice. Osteen’s Christianity is a feel-good vessel to the collection plate; happy, unchallenged people are much more likely to donate, after all. He’s also something of an asshole, having not opened his opulent church’s doors to those displaced by Hurricane Harvey until he was shamed into doing so.

As such, the dude deserves any public embarrassment he can get. Recently, writer and comedian Justin Roiland prank-called Osteen’s church for charity, and now sketch comedy group Dabs Den has shared a video of them infiltrating an Osteen event at The Forum in Inglewood. Their secret weapon? Dabs Den member Michael Klimkowski is a dead ringer for the preacher.


Klimkowski is committed to the character, too. Hammy to the max, he schmoozes and poses for selfies with guests, Forum employees, and security guards, all of whom seem to melt in his presence. Following him were Dabs Den members Reggie Henke, Jay Farnie, and John Parr, who carried the cameras and each wore unplugged walkie talkie headsets. That was all it took, he tells us, to gain access to both Forum and the auditorium.

Henke also tells us that the confrontation recorded at the end of the video was with Osteen’s head of security. Though that guy asserts they’re going to the jail, Henke notes the “real police” just thought it was funny. “Especially because Mike, our ‘Joel,’ never really dropped character and kept getting approached by ‘fans’ even as we were detained.”


Truly, these men are doing the Lord’s work.

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