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Watch a horror artist turn a Frozen coloring book into a catalog of terrors

Jordan Persegati makes the Disney movie cool again with blood, fangs, and horrible cartoon skin conditions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Concept art for Frozen 3: Crimson Snows.
Concept art for Frozen 3: Crimson Snows.
Screenshot: Jordan Persegati

The most inventive way we ever found to subvert other peoples’ art is to draw graffiti mustaches on faces or put little devil horns on cartoon characters’ heads. Horror artist Jordan Persegati is a professional, though, and when he wants to turn an innocent Frozen coloring book into something else entirely, he has a larger and far more gruesome skill set to draw from.

Persegati begins his video by showing off what nice, pleasant work he can do when he feels like it. But things take a turn almost immediately after he finishes coloring in a page with a picture of Elsa and Anna. His first real target is a black and white outline of bucktoothed snowman Olaf, which he augments by covering him with jaundiced flesh streaked with exposed veins and strings of thin greasy hair. He’s joined by a small army of similar-looking tiny snowmen who look upon him in awe through pitch black eyes.

As he goes on, we get a troll whose skin is pocked with holes as if it’s home to a family of busy wasps and a version of Frozen’s Anna with greasy tangled hair and cracked, rock-like skin splattered, of course, with blood. Our favorite, though, is a second Olaf coloring job that not only gives the character a set of fangs and inky gunk dripping from his eyes and bloodied mouth, but also an expression of unhinged glee as he holds a clutch of tiny, concerned snowmen to his chest.


“This version of Olaf has been getting revenge for all the snow cones children have been eating over the years,” Persegati says of the work. “He also likes the color red, especially on fresh snow.”

We’d suggest that Persegati turns next to a coloring book filled with Pinocchio characters, but maybe that’d just be redundant.


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