If you are a celebrity, part of the deal is having the same conversation over and over again. On a red carpet, you say how much you liked your coworkers repeatedly. In late-night interviews, you tell the same anecdotes about on-set pranks and are asked about the same scandal night after night. This is part of the gig.

Still, within that context, it must be uniquely harrowing for that subject to simply be “your name,” which is the fate of Lady Bird star Saoirse Ronan, who, as the above video indicates, must weather the same conversation every time she books a late-night visit. It rhymes with inertia. Yes, it is frequently mispronounced. Yes, she has heard lots of bad mispronunciations. All of them are, in fact, bad mispronunciations. (With a deep breath, she begins listing them off: Cersei, Suarez, Sheeshay, Shelly.) While she seems game for the convo with Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Colbert, there’s a weariness with which she responds to James Corden and some of the more faceless red-carpet interviewers, steeling herself for another round of the name-pronunciation gauntlet.


Anyway, it was the 983rd most popular name in the United States in 2016. Saoirse Ronan is building a future, one interview at a time, where Saoirses everywhere will not have to answer James Corden’s lame questions.