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Watch the LeBron James of breaking walnuts with his head break walnuts with his head

Some days it’s hard to feel like you’ve accomplished anything with your life. You look at those around you and, knowing it’s not healthy to compare achievements, nonetheless feel like there’s so much more you could be doing to truly make your mark on the world.


Well, prepare to have this feeling magnified by about a thousand as you watch a true master excel at his craft. That’s right, we’re talking about S. Navin Kumar, a legend from Andhra Pradesh, India, who just set the Guinness World Record for “most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute.”

In a video from the same organization that’s brought you documentary footage of awe-inspiring landmarks like “most fan blades stopped with the tongue in one minute” and “most basketball slam dunks in a minute by a rabbit,” we’re graced with a guy efficiently smacking the life out of a row of walnuts using his horrifically abused forehead.

Speed alone isn’t the only thing to marvel at here: witness, too, how Kumar’s forehead seeks out each walnut in succession as if it’s a laser-guided missile. Though the long, nut-laden table seems to stretch into infinity, he remains undaunted, mercilessly dispatching each target with headbutts more vicious than any inflicted by the drunkest hooligans on rival soccer team supporters.

The agonized grunts of exertion, concerned looks on the faces of his coaches, and the quick flash of an angry red, brutalized forehead may seem frightening to an observer, but remember that passion dulls even the most intense, walnut-related agonies. You don’t get to a world-staggering 217 “walnuts cracked against the head in one minute” by giving up easily. Let this stand as inspiration as you go about your week. With dedication, you, too, could become a luminary in the arena of kicking some food item’s ass.

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