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We kick off Zoo coverage with a typical nut job episode

Billy Burke and Kristen Connolly (Photo: Shane Harvey/CBS©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)
Billy Burke and Kristen Connolly (Photo: Shane Harvey/CBS©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • Welcome to A.V. Club discussion board posts about Zoo! Truth be told, I like the rest of the TV-viewing world, was inspired to finally check out this show by former A.V. Club contributor Caroline Framke’s breakdown of this series’ so-far-insane season three on Vox. More full disclosure: I have not watched seasons one and two (yet), but am assuming this all started in a zoo at some point? Fortunately, the super-long intro at the beginning of each episode has me all caught up! Finally, I so wish I could have started doing this last week with the car battery, velcro, lollipops, and pig brain surgery, but unfortunately, I was out of town. Curse you, friends with lakehouses!
  • Also from last week, sorry: “My name is not Dylan Greene. It’s Jackson Oz.” Both of those names are hilarious.
  • Okay, let’s dive into episode four. As an occasional Under The Dome reviewer, which was the last time I had fun on CBS in the summer, I absolutely appreciated this episode title.
  • Hey, the band’s back together, guys! Only took four episodes.
  • Why is there a terrorist plan to end the human race? I don’t get the Shepherds’ whole deal. Makes no sense.
  • “We’re either going to need a whole lot of lemon juice, or a whole new plan.”
  • Hybrid-geddon!
  • “I have a feeling that the answer to that question’s gonna be real weird.” And you are right, Mitch!
  • Abe in lab: Acoustic volcanic eruptions that Abigail can somehow set off at will, blah. And no progress on finding Isaac, even with the death of the supposed Falcon.
  • Will Jackson and Jamie keep on hating each other, eventually make up, or fall in love? Or all of the above? Have to say, did not miss his girlfriend this episode.
  • Abigail ironing in front of the dead guy, holy balls. And man, is she crazy. Setting all her sights on the beyond?
  • SO OBVIOUS that pregnant Clementine was going to get pinched. Not as obvious that Dariela appeared to be behind it.
  • Mitch and Jamie are so gross. But you’ve got to give Billy Burke credit for giving it his all every episode. Thank god he’s out of the floatation tank.
  • Next week: A car dives into a volcano!