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Our friends at GameStop are so excited about their Summer Sale that they have offered to give one A.V. Club reader a $250 GameStop gift card to apply toward a reckless spree of game spending (or a sober purchase of very serious games, up to you). And while there can only be a single lucky winner of this week’s giveaway, the rest of you are pretty lucky, too, because GameStop is discounting its wares for everybody, as you might have gleaned from the phrase “Summer Sale.” There are five weeks of offers planned, and here are the deals GameStop has up for grabs this week:

Brought to you by GameStop

  • Deals on deals on deals! Save up to 75 percent on select games, accessories, collectibles, and more this week at GameStop.

Take advantage of these offers through 8/14.

For your chance to win the $250 gift card, send a tweet with the hashtag #AVGameStopGiveaway any time before August 14. (Note: The contest is open to U.S. residents only.) On August 15, we’ll select an entry at random and notify the winner shortly thereafter. And if you don’t win this week, don’t despair—there will be another giveaway each week for the duration of the GameStop Summer Sale. Good luck!

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