Disney's Planes was set up from its inception to be a disappointing knockoff of the already-disappointing Cars. But leave it to Hollywood to go just a bit further down the disappointment well, because now Planes has an even-more-disappointing knockoff of its own: From the bottom of the barrel comes Ot Vinta 3D, a 2012 release made by Disney's non-union Russian equivalent, which Lionsgate has hastily dubbed into English and retitled Wings. With Josh Duhamel in the lead, Rob Schneider in the Larry the Cable Guy role, Tom Skerritt in the Paul Newman mentor role, and Hilary Duff as The Only Girl In the Movie, Wings is thick with believe-in-yourself clichés, even aping Cars' racing around the desert. The film is going straight to DVD, where it's sure to disappoint the children of inattentive parents who grabbed the wrong movie by mistake out of WalMart's bargain bin.