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Wonder Woman reigns supreme in Google's annual Halloween costume rankings

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Every year, Google releases a list of the top Halloween costume searches, giving us a quick, festive window into the mind of the spookily-inclined American. This year’s list confirms what this summer’s box office receipts already proved: Nobody beats Wonder Woman in 2017.

Yep, Princess Diana is this year’s top search result (at the moment, anyway), defeating fellow D.C. Comics heroine Harley Quinn, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and that true figure of existential horror, Donald Trump. Trump actually came in exceptionally, refreshingly low on the list, sitting at No. 71 at the moment. (Of course, it’s always possible that people are just assembling their presidential costumes—foreclosed birds’ nest haircut, hand shrinkener, contempt—the old-fashioned way, without Google’s help.)


As usual, Google has found a fun way to present the data, allowing users to break down the search histories either nationally, or by their local trends. It can even suggest a costume for you last-minute shoppers out there, filtered by things like “modern” or “classic” style, level of gore, and “uniqueness.” (Because, after all, nothing really says “Halloween terror” like the tech giant’s annual reminders that it knows everything about you, right down to whether you’re going out this year as a kickass Amazon princess or good old Spider-Man.)

[via GQ]

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