In the above video, Mustard breaks down how he created the original Legend of Zelda’s overworld—complete with nine dungeons (!) and a final boss level—using less than 10 different textures. A closer look into the dungeons reveal how he created each with its own distinct feeling, even within Fortnite Creator’s limitations. There’s no projectile-flinging enemies, but there is plenty of running, jumping, cannon-blasting and, this still being Fortnite, gunning.

There’s also 30 hidden coins that can be found throughout the map. Collecting them all unlocks a hidden room in the map’s final dungeon. Mustard, however, won’t spoil what’s inside. He does, though, flaunt the entire map and its dungeons, so those interested in playing might want to keep that in mind.


Download the map on your preferred Fortnite platform via map code 2326-3456-6999. Otherwise, enjoy a very joyful Mustard nerding out over his own creation above.