Longtime A.V. Club contributor Jason Heller was in town this past week, and he dropped by the A.V. Club office to make his Reasonable Discussions debut for a wide-ranging discussion about the difficulty of getting people into new genres, whether it’s important that other people like the pop culture we like, and the satisfaction of bringing people around to a new interest. While the conversation stemmed in part from Jason’s Memory Wipe column about his youthful love of Battlefield Earth and his attempts to get other people to read the book, he thankfully didn’t try to press it on us. As we discuss in the podcast, playing people a song in hopes of turning them into fans of your favorite band is a favor; handing them a thousand-page book is more like demanding a weeklong commitment. Jason didn’t try to convert us to Scientology, either, but we talk a lot about conversions and proselytizing this week.


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