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50 Cent says he turned down $500,000 to appear with Donald Trump

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Denying Donald Trump the chance to awkwardly shake his body to the pumping sounds of “In Da Club,” rapper and TV executive 50 Cent has said that he once turned down $500,000 being offered to him for an appearance with the then-presidential candidate. 50 Cent made the assertion on New York’s The Breakfast Club this week, stating that he was approached by Trump’s campaign at a time when he was struggling to win over black voters.


“They wanted to pay me $500,000, as part of the campaign, to just make an appearance,” the Power producer, who’s a multi-millionaire, told the show’s hosts. “And I was like, ‘Nah, that’s not good money.’” Explaining his decision—and with Charlamagne Tha God calling out black celebrities who did appear with Trump, like Steve Harvey and Kanye West, by name—50 Cent said, “That’s not worth it. You’d be remembering [it], every time you look at me.”

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