Photo: Getty/Pool

Because nobody’s feelings are ever hurt by the internet, and because Secretary Of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and his wife Louise Linton are walking paragons of snide, one-percenter contempt for the economic underclass nattering at their heels, Mnuchin said on Sunday that he finds all your little Bond jokes funny. Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked the former film producer and hedge-fund manager what he was thinking posing so malevolently with a sheet of $1 bills, a photo op that inspired rounds of ridicule online, particularly in light of comically disproportionate global economic inequality and a reputation for being an out-of-touch plutocrat created by that system.


Mnuchin responded, “I never thought I’d be quoted as looking like villains from the James Bond, I guess I should take that as a compliment that I look like a villain in a great, successful James Bond movie,” apparently missing the fact that most of the jokes were about his wife being dressed like Kylo Ren while he looked like a dopey pawn who would disappear in a helicopter crash midway through the third act. The entire “actually, I find this funny” tone of his response is identical to that of his wife, Cabin Fever remake star Linton, who earlier this year was suckered into an argument with someone in her Instagram mentions all while maintaining an above-it-all air. (Flexing-arm emojis were used.) The best retort he can muster to these memes is to affect amusement while citing the fact that James Bond movies are successful, because fiscal success is the only measurement of worth he can imagine, which is exactly the sort of self-reinforcing delusion you create when you look in the gilded mirror and find literally nothing else of worth there.