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Adam Sandler and Chris Rock mildly annoy each other in this trailer for The Week Of

Lately, a lot of movies have centered on famous friends getting into big fights, like Captain America: Civil War, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and now Netflix’s The Week Of. Unlike those first two examples, though, The Week Of is less about two men punching each other over simple misunderstandings and more about two men who are slightly frustrated with the fact that they have to spend some time together—which obviously robs it of some of the energy of those other feud movies. The Week Of stars Chris Rock and Adam Sandler as two dads whose kids are getting married, and while this probably isn’t the most laugh-out-loud hilarious trailer of either of their careers, the quick shots of wacky shenanigans imply that there simply must be something funnier in this film than Sandler and Rock almost fighting about the air conditioner in the car. If not, though, this might end up being a very bizarre entry in Sandler’s Netflix canon.

The Week Of was directed by Robert Smigel and co-written by Smigel and Sandler. It premieres on Netflix on April 27.


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