From The A.V. Club press release inbox comes this piece about an new marketing campaign:

"CBS's drug store marketing also includes advertising for its Monday comedy line-up on prescription bags. The tagline 'Prescription-Strength Comedy' is used to plug television's top comedy block which includes returning hits THE KING OF QUEENS and TWO AND A HALF MEN and new shows HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and OUT OF PRACTICE."

So, here's the scenario: I'm deathly ill. I need to pick up my medicine. What do I see staring back at me as a contemplate my mortality: Charlie Sheen's smiling mug. Does this make me feel better? I'm guessing not.

This is part of a larger marketing campaign, the main thrust of which to create water cooler buzz by putting ads on, get this… water coolers. Check this out:

How's the campaign going over? Apparently it's a love fest. More from the press release:


"'At the heart of any promotional campaign is the drive to inspire water cooler buzz,' said George Schweitzer, President of the CBS Marketing Group. 'What better way to accomplish this than by putting advertisements for one of our highly anticipated new comedies — OUT OF PRACTICE — on AquaCell's water coolers,' he added.

'We are excited that CBS has chosen our coolers as one of the ways to promote its new television show given the countless other advertising mediums available,' said Michael Dougherty, President of AquaCell Media, Inc. 'Our cost-effective "Message On The Bottle" advertising program continues to garner attention from target consumers and interested advertisers as well.'"

Hooray for synergy! I can't wait to soothe my aching stomach with Matt LeBlanc-shaped Tums.