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(Photo: Getty Images, Justin Sullivan)

If we’re all being honest, a lot of people didn’t really expect Doug Jones—a Democrat—to beat Republican Roy Moore—an accused pedophile—in Alabama’s special election this week to fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat. Someone within Team Jones must have kept the faith, though, because they cued up a pretty solid track to play Jones offstage with after his victory speech. As reported by Pitchfork, Twitter user Evan Hatter was watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the evening and noticed that it was tapped into the audio feed at the venue, treating viewers to about 30 seconds of Jones’ walk-off music: “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District.


It would’ve been outrageous to play that if he had lost, but it really worked out that whoever planned this had access to a fun song that involved part of Doug Jones’ name. Too bad they didn’t go with something even more appropriate, though, like this mash-up of Dougie Jones saying “hello-oh-ohh” on Twin Peaks:

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