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After Leaving Neverland, Canadian radio stations have begun pulling Michael Jackson's music

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Whether you believe the people who stand to make money off of Michael Jackson’s career or the men who claim that the pop star abused them as children, it should be clear that the brutal documentary Leaving Neverland has made this a bad time to be associated with Jackson’s music—unless, of course, you stand to make good money off of it. Today, as reported by Variety, three radio stations in Canada have announced that they’re pulling all Michael Jackson music from their airwaves due to the allegations made in Leaving Neverland and concerned comments from listeners.

The three stations are CKOI, Rhytme, and The Beat, all of which are owned by Cogeco Media, but Cogeco is apparently the only company willing to move forward with a ban like this. Variety says that BBC2 in England had supposedly banned Jackson’s music, but both it and U.S.-based Cumulus Media have said that they will not ban any specific artists. Cumulus said that it would leave that to decision up to stations themselves, but there’s hasn’t been a big movement to stop playing Michael Jackson music just yet in the United States.