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Age Of Love Will Be The Most Inspiring Dating Show Ever

When I first saw the trailer for NBC's upcoming dating show Age Of Love at the upfronts last month, and I heard the phrase "Will he choose a kitten or a cougar?" followed by a loud, screeching "Meeeooow!!", I knew that it was going to be a groundbreaking television dating show. I mean, it has old women in it. Like women in their 40s! Who want to date on television! Next to women in their 20s! That's crazy. And it's definitely a television concept worth exploring. But, as evidenced in this new commercial for the show, Age Of Love is more than just a bunch of "kittens" and "cougars" meowin' and scratchin' their way to true love. Much, much more. It's a life-changing, heart-breaking, stereotype-shattering look at how we humans live and love in this fast-paced modern world. Oh, and there's also some 24-year-olds in giant boxes.

My favorite part: "At 40, I don't know if there is a tomorrow." Really? I guess 40 isn't the new 30, after all. Apparently, it's the new 98.


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