Still cashing in on his TV Psychiatrist/Dad image, Alan Thicke was on the Today show this morning promoting his helpful book, How To Raise Kids Who Won't Hate You.

Now, I know it's hard to tell, especially for the

Today show, but I'm pretty sure this book is a joke–which means that Alan Thicke isn't giving out real advice on how to raise your children. See, his book is more of a light-hearted romp through the serious issues of parenting, something that would play well in his Canadian newspaper column, or, as one of Alan's own employees puts it on the back of the book:

"He has a way of seeing reality for what it is, dealing with it, and finding the humor in it. He really loves his family, and he'll make you laugh with yours."–Steven Shore, agent, manager, confidante, and long-time friend of Alan Thicke


But it seemed to me, in my groggy, just-woken up state, that the Today show was treating Alan Thicke like he was an actual child-rearing expert, as opposed to, say, this guy:

(That picture's from Thicke's

official website, which has a nice message for you.) I wish I had a clip of Today to post here, but the reporter was asking him questions like, "How do you discuss global warming with your kids?" Did anyone else see this? The whole thing was pretty absurd. I mean, no one should be taking advice from Alan Thicke. Have you seen his son, R&B; sensation, Thicke?

Do you want to see your child sample Beethoven's Fifth, get all shaggy, pretend like he's been to Harlem, and bike dance? Probably not.