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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

All the TV you should’ve watched this weekend

Everybody on Bob’s Burgers is terrified by how much TV they have to catch up on
Everybody on Bob’s Burgers is terrified by how much TV they have to catch up on
Image: Fox

Here’s everything The A.V. Club reviewed this weekend, from Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. to The Walking Dead. Read more recaps on our TV reviews page.


Top picks

Ash Vs. Evil Dead drags itself to hell and back — A

Ash Vs. Evil Dead bounces back with its most fulfilling chapter of the season.”

The Belchers face horrors both real and imagined on a fear-filled Bob’s Burgers — A-

“This week Bob’s Burgers skillfully tackled various aspects of terror from the perspective of not only the Belchers but some much-welcomed guest characters, old and new.”

Killing Eve assembles its sleuthing squad and sets up its chase — A-

“Two episodes in, and we’ve already got a clear explanation for why Eve is going to be obsessed with Villanelle for however long this show runs.”

Former writer John Mulaney returns to host a hilarious Saturday Night Live  — B+

“In his outstanding monologue, John Mulaney called out the strangeness of him hosting Saturday Night Live.”


Billions kills off a minor character for fun and profit — B+

“A big part of what makes Billions fun is the tension between the show taking its characters seriously and treating them as satirical caricatures of the rich, powerful, and (usually) testosterone-poisoned.”


The Problem With Apu wades into a bigger issue: The evolution of comedy — B+

Hari Kondabolu’s documentary re-aired last night.

The Walking Dead’s eighth season ends in big, bloodthirsty war — B

“Watching a years’-long story finally come to a conclusion, albeit in ludicrous fashion, is still satisfying.”



Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas is pointedly funny, and a necessary addition to late-night — B+

“In the first five minutes of the premiere of Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, the host and former Daily Show correspondent declares his new series a (mostly) Trump-free zone.”


Lost In Space jettisons its camp, and some of its charm, in its voyage to Netflix — C+

“Amid a miniature boom in science-fiction TV, at a time when one of the medium’s most talked-about series, regardless of genre, is a near-future nightmare, why revisit Lost In Space?”


Elvis Presley: The Searcher is the definitive movie about The King — A-

“Ostensibly a documentary spin on author Peter Guralnick’s comprehensive, analytical biographies Last Train To Memphis and Careless Love, director Thom Zimny’s film isn’t about Elvis the icon so much as it’s about Presley the person.”


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