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And now Kelly Preston has joined that John Gotti biopic, because why not?

The upcoming, Barry Levinson-directed biopic Gotti: Three Generations, easily the most captivating casting story of our time, has now added John Travolta’s real-life wife Kelly Preston to play the Victoria to his John Gotti in the mob biopic, reprising the palpable romantic chemistry the couple previously displayed in Battlefield Earth. Of course, anyone asking why—out of all the actresses you could have chosen to play the hard-bitten Italian matriarch—they would go with Kelly Preston obviously hasn’t been paying attention to the film so far, whose producer Marc Fiore seems to be choosing actors based specifically on the tabloid buzz they’ll create, such as publicly chasing Kim Kardashian for a role he eventually gave to Lindsay Lohan. At this rate, we can probably expect to hear about a part for Charlie Sheen, perhaps as a mob enforcer who can have a scene with Kelly Preston’s Victoria Gotti where he covers up a recent hit by saying the target actually shot themselves.


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