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André 3000’s Jimi Hendrix biopic sets its first trailer on fire

Everyone knows that the least exciting part of any biopic is when we actually get to see the person doing whatever they’re famous for doing. It’s like seeing Batman’s parents get killed over and over again. We all know the story, so just show us something new.


That’s what makes Jimi: All Is By My Side so refreshing. Due to Hendrix’s estate choosing not to cooperate with director John Ridley, the film won’t feature any music written by Hendrix. Not only that, but it will also focus solely on the years just before Hendrix’s career took off, when he was just a cool guy with an afro playing cover songs that the film’s producers had more luck getting the rights to.

The big hook for All Is By My Side—other than its total lack of Jimi Hendrix musicis that it stars Outkast’s André 3000 as Hendrix. He’s billed here as “André Benjamin,” though, suggesting that he’s reached the prestigious “Dwayne Johnson” stage of his acting career. That’s how you know he’s taking it seriously. Plus, with his cool attitude and afro, he certainly looks the part. The movie also stars Hayley Atwell and Imogen Poots, and it will be in theaters on September 26.