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Apple’s 1986 clothing line was a glorious trainwreck

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apple has always been a company that understands the need to be cool. And because nothing said “cool” in 1986 like windsurfing, oversized sweatshirts, and big, goofy fonts, the computer manufacturer released a clothing catalog that year, offering just such flourishes of sartorial genius to their affluent customers.

Dug up by The Trad, The Apple Collection is an amazing look at what Apple—a company often hailed for its tasteful, minimalist design—thought was awesome back in the ’80s. Namely, gaudy belts, logo-covered baseball caps, and the word “Apple” written in as many different variants of ugly lettering as the company could find. Sadly, no black turtlenecks or jeans are on display; Steve Jobs had been ousted from the company the year previous by former PepsiCo CEO John Sculley, and wouldn’t return for another 11 years.


[via Dangerous Minds]