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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Arrested Development Season/Series Finale

Tonight is the night that Fox hopes to finally rid itself of that sharp little millstone around its neck, Arrested Development. It must have been so hard for Fox, a network accustomed to churning out such mediocre comedies as the pun-tastic Stacked and That 70s Show (Oh, dude, remember that time they smoked pot? And Kelso said something dumb? And then Red got mad? That was so awesome.), to deal with a sitcom that's actually fresh and funny for three whole seasons. So as not to prolong the network's agony, Fox has decided to dump all four of the last AD episodes on air tonight. Beginning at 8 p.m. Against the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on NBC. (Nice touch, Fox.) Anyway, it's been reported for some time now that a few other, smarter networks are interested in picking up AD. According to an article in USA Today, ABC and Showtime are the frontrunners, which should please AD's "small cadre of ardent fans" (aka "four million people"). But where would Arrested Development fit in best? ABC offers a wider reach, but also more creative restraints, and there's a huge risk of running into this horror in the hallways. Showtime has a smaller audience but offers more creative freedom (i.e. nudity and cursing), not to mention no commericals and the possibility of Arrested Development's very own, much-deserved fanisode. So, where should The Bluths end up?


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