After letting the free market decide on the first of its planned trilogy, then boldly placing the blame for its pathetic outcome on everyone but themselves, like true individualists do, the makers of the Atlas Shrugged film series clearly aren't taking any more chances with the second chapter in their ode to Objectivism. This brief teaser trailer tosses aside the distraction of actual film footage like a train car full of worthless teachers and sociologists, choosing instead to appeal directly to its intended audience using that which is like sweet, alluring birdsong to them: Grainy, horror movie-like footage of Fox News pundits such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Dennis Miller repeating the mantra of Ayn Rand's name, backed by a dramatic, bwaaaamp-filled soundtrack that lets you know how doomed our nation is, unless you heed Rand's prophesies by paying full ticket price. It's very rational.  [via /Film]