Though the free market seemed to have crushed the first of the proposed Atlas Shrugged film trilogy, the "movers" that were its original actors disappearing into their own proverbial gulches, its maverick producers refused to let this stop the motor of their world. Nay, they would not fall prey to the "sanction of the victim" that allows a film to be parasitically drained of all its powers, simply because it accepts that no one wants anything to do with it. After all, as so many a follower of Ayn Rand believes, more capital can solve any problem, and so new workers who actually believe in their cause (or can at least be paid to pretend to) such as Samantha Mathis, Esai Morales, Arye Gross, and Ray Wise have all been hired to pick up hammer and shovel anew, while fancy special effects in which planes crash and things explode maverick-ly offer compelling testimony to the innovation that can be willed into being, wherever man is left to his own devices and given more money.

Thus we have Atlas Shrugged: Part II rising up out of Paul Ryan's fevered fantasies and onto theater screens in October, just in time to sway the election by preaching to the Randian acolyte choir that wasn't going to vote any other way otherwise. And judging by the trailer, this time the film will not be waylaid by looters in its aims to drum up enough tax-leeched business, and conclude with a third movie that's basically just John Galt talking for 70 minutes. "Are you ready?" indeed.